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Support the Mission

Thank you for your interest in supporting Legacy Christian Academy. At Legacy, we view the many gifts from our community members as a form of trust. You are not giving TO Legacy Christian Academy but investing in God’s Kingdom THROUGH Legacy Christian Academy’s students. We know that our students will make a difference for Christ in their communities, and your gift shows your dedication to giving our students a strong foundation through Biblical Worldview Education. Every student’s educational experience at Legacy Christian Academy will be enriched through your giving. The expertise, time, and resources of our parents, grandparents, trustees, faculty, staff, and friends of Legacy Christian Academy are investments in our students. Your gift ensures that more students can have access to the opportunities available through a Legacy Christian Academy education. As we partner with our parents to educate and disciple their children, the next generation of Christians, you can be assured that your gift does make a difference!

So Why Give? Because your gift is an investment in the lives of Legacy Christian Academy students and there is no doubt the rewards will be realized in eternity. For more information regarding how your gift can have the most impact on the students of LCA, please contact Larry Rodriguez, Legacy Christian Academy Board Chair,

Thank you for your support and investment in Legacy Christian Academy!

Giving Opportunities

Legacy Christian Academy opened in the Fall of 2022.  Many people have already partnered with by pouring countless hours of prayer, planning, preparation and resources into this work of advancing God's Kingdom through the next generation. ​

By partnering with Legacy through a pledge to our Legacy Fund (previously our new school start up "Legacy Seed Fund") you will help to regularly provide the ongoing funds needed to purchase a K-8 Biblical Worldview curriculum, resources/material to update our building, classroom furniture, technology resources, educational supplies, equipment for our expanded enrollment and a successful launch into our 2nd school year. 

At Legacy Christian Academy we have a heart for our community and a passion for Biblical Worldview Education. LCA is committed to make this wonderful education available to families in our area looking for a Bible-based choice in their students’ education. 

In honor of the recent passing of Karla Rodriguez, an educator, prayer warrior and a founding member of LCA, we have set up the  Karla J. Rodriguez Scholarship Fund, (previously the "Leave a Legacy" Tuition Assistance Fund) as a way for you to help with ensuring that more students regardless of financial means, will be given an opportunity to grow deeper in God’s Word.  Karla had a heart for Jesus and all of His children.  We know that God has blessed Legacy through the prayers and love that Karla poured into His Kingdom.

To find out more about Legacy Giving, click on the link to our LCA Giving FAQs page. 


Thank you for your giving support!

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